Welcome to Kindergarten!

If you want to join our school, these are the steps to follow:

1. Preliminary online inquiry:

Applicants are requested to submit a preliminary online inquiry (non committing), that allows us to contact you if/when a place is available. In that case,  you will be contacted by the Admissions Office by email or phone to set up a virtual online meeting will be set up.

Preliminary online inquiry: click here for the link.


2. Enrolments:

For Nursery, First year of Pre-School, 1st grade and 6th grade, we will start enrollments during December of the previous year.
For all the other grades, it is possible to enroll at any point of the year if a place is available (and if the level of English is suitable*).

For any further question, please contact the Admission Office by email at



What does Tuition include?
Tuition includes:
Everyday pre and post- school time
Lunch service

Tuition doesn’t include:
School books

Is there a discount on the enrollment of siblings?
We offer a 10% discount on the total of the tuitions of two siblings. Enrollment fees are not included in the discount.

What is your school year?
We are open from September 1st to June 30th. For Primary and Secondary school, lessons start around mid september and end around the 10th of June according to the regional calendar.

Do you accept students during the school year?
If we have got an availability, we consider enrollments also during the school year.

Do students wear a uniform?
Pre-school, Primary and Secondary School students are required to wear a uniform which consists of navy blue/white tops and navy blue pants/skirts with the Kindergarten Logo. More infos:

Does the school provide hot lunch service ?
The school provides daily hot lunch, the cost is included in the tuition.

Does the school provide bus transportation?
We offer a morning transfer service which is subject to availability at an extra cost. Before the start of the school year you you will receive an email with the steps to request the service.

Does the school offer Extra Curricular Activities?
We offer a wide variety of activities. The activities follow a semester schedule and are offered to all students from Pre-school to Middle school. Click here to see what kind of activities we offer.